Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - A Society Dedicated to the Preservation and Use of Black Powder Firearms Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - A Society Dedicated to the Preservation and Use of Black Powder Firearms
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Next Shooting Date: 27/06/2021 at Altcar [200yds]

Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Club News


Weeton Range is CLOSED until further notice as they need to carry out urgent repairs following their annual range inspection. You will be notified as soon as the range is available for use. If the situation continues into July, there is a possibility of booking some extra Altcar shoots, but this will depend on a number of other factors. Watch this space and look out for Club emails.


Due to the continuing COVID-19 restrictions there is again no physical AGM this year. However, membership fees should still be paid to the Treasurer, either by sending a cheque in the post or directly into the Club account. If you need the account details, please email either the Secretary or the Treasurer.

The subscriptions for the coming year have remained the same as last year

* Full Member (below 65 years of age at date of AGM) £70
* Full Member (65 years of age or above at date of AGM) £50
* Junior Member (12 to 18 years of age at date of AGM) £25
* ‘Married’ couple (at same address, NOT parent/child) £100
* Probationary Member (£17.50 per 3 month period) £35

You are reminded that all fees must be paid during the month of June, otherwise you will be deemed to have resigned your membership.

It has been suggested that we could hold a 'virtual' AGM using Zoom, but we are unsure how many members would want to do this. Please let the Secretary know by email if you are able to, or are interested in using this form of communication so we can see if it would be worthwhile.


We are slowly starting to run shoots again, however, there are many restrictions and new procedures that have to be followed at both Weeton and Altcar.

We are booking Altcar one month at a time. The Secretary will email or phone members shortly before each shoot. If you wish to attend, you must reply to book your place. If you do not receive confirmation from the Secretary, you must not attend. If, after having had your attendance confirmed you wish to cancel, you MUST do this before midnight on the Thursday before the shoot date.

Weeton dates are now as listed on the calendar (available at the bottom left of this page). Again, if you wish to attend, you must contact the Secretary at least a week before, and you will be allocated a time at which to turn up. Please be ready at the entrance to the range at your allotted time with all your gear. Someone will take your money and enter yor name in the book so you won't need to touch anything.

Please bring correct change for your £2 range fees. After shooting, either leave the range immediately or, if you want your target, wait in the back corner of the range. Targets will be collected for you.

Please wear masks if you can.
Maintain social distancing.
Use hand sanitiser.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

2021 CALENDAR....

The new calendar can be found at the lower left of this page. Please note that much of this is speculation and dates may change or be deleted at any point.


As previously notified, the shoots marked as B&FFRPC on your calendars will be held at Blackpool & Fylde Fullbore Rifle & Pistol Club, which is situated at the rear of the Great Birchwood complex, off Lytham Road (A584) between Lytham and Warton.

The range will open at about 10:30am through to about 2:00pm or whenever we run out of shooters, whichever comes sooner.

Being an indoor range, there are of course restrictions to what we can use. The range limitations are:
* max calibre: .455 inch (11mm)
* max muzzle velocity: 1700 feet per sec (520 metres/sec)
* max muzzle energy: 475 foot lbs (645 joules) - this is the most important figure

Which effectively limits the weapons that can be used to:
* .22LR
* .38/.357 carbine
* .44 Special (NOT Magnum)
* .45 ACP or Long Colt
* Black powder PISTOLS (inc. revolvers)

The only way that rifles (.223, 7.62mm and .303) may be used is if they are downloaded to 3.5 grains (or less) of Red Dot and use LEAD (not jacketed) heads. Loads will be checked by pulling the head and measuring the powder from one of your rounds before you shoot.


All members (and prospective members) are reminded our rules state that we are primarily a muzzle-loading organisation and every member holding a FAC should, therefore, own at least one bona-fide black-powder weapon. If you obtain your FAC as a result of becoming a member of the FCMLS, your first acquisition must be a black-powder weapon.


LEM bullet moulds are once again available. Using the original tooling, they are now being manufactured by the son of the original maker.


All probationary and new members (and the old ones too, if it comes to that) are strongly advised to have a good read of the safety guidelines.


When entering the Altcar range complex, all vehicles must stop in the parking area, and the driver must present his pass at the gatehouse.

Altcar Range Office will no longer renew any passes that have expired, so you must get it renewed BEFORE it runs out. You will need two photographs, with your name, address and the name of the club written on the back.

If your pass is due to expire before you can get to Altcar, post it to Range Control with your two photos (name, address and club name on the back of one), along with a covering letter, and they should prepare a new pass and hold it at Range Control until your next visit. Obviously, don't abuse this system by asking for a pass and then not picking it up for months.

If you leave the club, or if you have an expired Altcar pass, please cut it in two and return the pieces to Range Control at Altcar.

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Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Shooting Calendar

2021 Shooting Calendar (PDF)

(PDF files require PDF Reader software. We recommend Foxit Reader, available FREE here.) Some browsers may hold a copy of downloaded documents, so to ensure you are seeing the latest version of the calendar, delete any temporary internet files on your PC.

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Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Competitions

The next competition at the Club is:

27/06/2021 at Altcar - Les Wade Trophy and Muzzle Loader Grouping (Day 4 of 5).

You can find out more about the competitions held at the Club (and the current results) here in the Competitions page.

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