Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - A Society Dedicated to the Preservation and Use of Black Powder Firearms Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - A Society Dedicated to the Preservation and Use of Black Powder Firearms
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Next Shooting Date: 24/06/2018 at Altcar [200 yds.]

Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Club News


7:00pm on 7th June, 2018
at The Number 4 Freemasons pub

Members are hereby given notice that the AGM of the Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society will be held on Thursday 7th June, 2018 at our usual venue, the Number 4. The meeting will start at 7pm with a buffet provided at 8pm. You may bring a guest and pay the Treasurer directly for the cost of their meal. Guests will not be permitted into the meeting.

The subscriptions for the coming year have remained the same as last year, and should be paid at the AGM.

* Full Member (below 65 years of age at date of AGM) £70
* Full Member (65 years of age or above at date of AGM) £50
* Junior Member (12 to 18 years of age at date of AGM) £25
* ‘Married’ couple (at same address, NOT parent/child) £100
* Probationary Member (£17.50 per 3 month period) £35

If you are unable to attend the AGM, please send your payments and your membership card for signing to the Treasurer.
You are reminded that all fees must be paid during the month of June, otherwise you will be deemed to have resigned your membership.


Weeton range is now open for use, so all future dates listed as Weeton will now be held at Weeton, with a proposed start time of 10:30am.


All members (and prospective members) are reminded our rules state that we are primarily a muzzle-loading organisation and every member holding a FAC should, therefore, own at least one bona-fide black-powder weapon. If you obtain your FAC as a result of becoming a member of the FCMLS, your first acquisition must be a black-powder weapon.


LEM bullet moulds are once again available. Using the original tooling, they are now being manufactured by the son of the original maker.


Please pick up whatever rubbish you can and take it away with you. And if you are raking the sand, please push it UPWARDS - it's a lot harder but if you don't it all ends in a heap at the bottom. The slope should match the white lines at each side of the backstop. Please use the path on the right-hand side of the range when walking down to the targets.

Do your bit - it isn't someone else's job to tidy up after you!


All probationary and new members (and the old ones too, if it comes to that) are strongly advised to have a good read of the safety guidelines.


If you are going to attend an Altcar shoot, a prior phone call to John C or Rob R would be appreciated - on days when the weather isn't good, the shoot may be cancelled and it would save a wasted journey if we knew who intended going and could pass the news around.


When entering the Altcar range complex, all vehicles must stop in the parking area, and the driver must present his pass, and those of his passengers, at the gatehouse.

Altcar Range Office will no longer renew any passes that have expired, so you must get it renewed BEFORE it runs out. You will need two photographs, with your name, address and the name of the club written on the back.

If your pass is due to expire before you can get to Altcar, post it to Range Control (or the FCMLS Secretary) with your two photos (name, address and club name on the back of one), along with a covering letter, and they should prepare a new pass and hold it at Range Control until your next visit. Obviously, don't abuse this system by asking for a pass and then not picking it up for months.

If you leave the club, or if you have an expired Altcar pass, please cut it in two and return the pieces to Range Control at Altcar.

Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Random Safety Tips

Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Shooting Calendar

2018 Shooting Calendar (PDF)

(PDF files require PDF Reader software. We recommend Foxit Reader, available FREE here.) Some browsers may hold a copy of downloaded documents, so to ensure you are seeing the latest version of the calendar, delete any temporary internet files on your PC.

Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Lost and Found

Accidentally left something behind at the Range? Click here to see if another member has picked it up.

Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Competitions

The next competition at the Club is:

24/06/2018 at Altcar - Les Wade Trophy and Muzzle Loader Grouping (Day 4 of 6).

You can find out more about the competitions held at the Club (and the current results) here in the Competitions page.

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Fylde Coast Muzzle Loaders Society - Lost, Stolen and Found

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